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Executive Summary of the Ford Motor Company - 2116 Words

Executive Summary Ford Motor Company has been and till the date is known as the king of innovations in the automobile industry. Their research development department and innovation of interchangeable parts in moving assembly lines resulted in extraordinary global extension for them. They are an old heritage who ruled and still doing impressive jobs in the global automobile market. Some prestigious motor brands are also owned by Ford. Despite of these good things, Ford Motor faced a loss due to some wrong decisions taken by the management regarding their business strategy. The decision of centralizing the management made them think narrowly which results in too much Americanization and ignorance of local market in the rest of the world.†¦show more content†¦It was a strategy to centralize the management which resulted in ignorance of local factors of the global market. As a result they lost a huge market share and suffered to remain in the competition. Although they were trying to survive from this bad financial hit, at that time the world also faced a financial crisis due to sudden economic recession. SWOT Analysis Strength: Ford entered into the automobile market many years ago and became the oldest car manufacturers. It is the first company which specialized in large scale manufacturing of the cars. The production of Ford cars is done in highly engineered way with the help of moving assembly lines. The presence of Ford Motor cars is very strong in terms of global aspect, because it operates in six continents. So they are present all over the world. Ford’s market share is higher because they are the second largest automobile company in the U.S and fourth largest in the world. Moreover they are the fifth largest vehicle seller. Ford has a very strong brand name and offers wide range of cars like automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles etc. they also target different set of customers. The research and development of Ford is very strong because every time they have introduced many new cars and brands and also represents renowned brands like Formula One. Weakness: The market shares and stock prices of Ford have been declined in recent years. No further steps have been taken by the FordShow MoreRelatedFord Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesFord Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary John Bonner, Scotti Greenleaf, Rose Scarbrough MGT216 University of Phoenix October 18, 2010 Sarah Nelson Ford Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary Introduction During the Late 1960’s the Ford Motor Company was one of the leading auto manufactures in the United States. Ford was credited with revolutionizing the muscle car era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. During the mid 1960’s Lee Iacocca helped Ford establish itself in the late 1960’sRead MorePurpose Of The Spread Sheet927 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization is going to get trades they will use the balance sheet to show a snapshot of the organization. In order for the organization to use a balance sheet, the balance sheet must be organized (Adkins, 2015). The balance sheet also shows a summary that has all the organizations financial positions within a year time (Adkins, 2015). The balance also shows the organizations equity that equals the total assets minus total liabilities (Epstein, 2014). A formal balance sheet must have independentRead MoreMarketing on Ford Fiesta1529 Words   |  7 PagesAuthor: Christian Gondek 1st Academic Semester 2010/2011 Essen, 21.01.2011 Executive Summary - Part I The Ford Motor Company (FMC) is one of the biggest and most successful automotive manufacturers in the world based on a long tradition of automotive development. Since 1931, the plant in Cologne has produced more than forty million vehicles. The focus of this assignment is to analyse the latest version of the product Ford Fiesta (FF) for the German market which has been introduced in 2008. FirstRead MoreFord Essay1041 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Microeconomics of the Ford Motor Company Final Paper – ECO201 14EW1 Karen J. Cassady Southern New Hampshire University Abstract: (Brief Summary of paper aprox 150 words) to be added for final draft. Introduction The purpose of this paper will be to explain how the supply and demand as well as the elasticity of demand exists for the automobiles produced by the Ford Motor Company. The early history of the company through the present will be highlighted in an effort toRead MoreStudy Case Ford677 Words   |  3 PagesFord Motor Company-2007 Step 1 Identify the firm’s exiting vision, mission, objective and strategies (Executive summary). Vision: To become the world’s leading Consumer Company for automotive products and services. Mission: We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world. We anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding products and services that improve people’s lives. Strategies: Aggressively restructureRead MoreFord Financial Analysis Essay1129 Words   |  5 PagesFord Motor Co Industry: Automobile (Auto Manufacturers – Major) Sector: Consumer Goods Products and Services: Ford Motor Company primarily develops, manufactures, distributes, and services vehicles and parts worldwide. Ford operates in two sectors: †¢ The Automotive sector: Offers vehicles primarily under the Ford ( and Lincoln ( brand names. This sector markets cars, trucks, and parts through retail dealers in North America, and through distributors andRead MoreAlan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company1453 Words   |  6 Pagespersonal than the others because it pulls from an individuals’ personal belief value system. The role of leadership can impact an organization performance in many ways. Excellent leadership can propel a company to the fortune five hundred list. For Example, Harpo Incorporated Oprah Winfrey’s company is a successful business that has made billions of dollars over the years. The business consists of several different entities such as the Oprah Show, Oprah Winfrey Network, and The Dr. Phil Show to nameRead MoreQuestions On A Financial Statement1133 Words   |  5 Pageschapter 1.1). Many companies will send the 10-K, as their annual report to shareholders, in some instances’ the 10-K filed with the SEC and the annual report to shareholders are the (Epstein, 2014). Every facet in a company works together to make the company prosperous and strong it interprets the firm’s financial strength. A 10-K form is an annual report that is the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission’s it has a vast amount of information of a company’s history, such as the executive compensationRead MoreFord Case Analysis1527 Words   |  7 PagesCASE STUDY #2 FORD MOTOR COMPANY by A Ford Motor Company - Supply Chain Strategy TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I. Executive Summary Part II. Issues Identification Part III. Alternative Options Part IV. Recommendation Part V. Implementation Part VI. ConclusionRead MoreLearning Team Assignment: Case Study Discussion Executive Summary1420 Words   |  6 PagesDiscussion Executive Summary MGT/216 University Of Phoenix Learning Team Assignment: Case Study Discussion Executive Summary In 1968 the Ford Motor Company decided to introduce a new subcompact car to compete with foreign imported vehicles in the subcompact category. The Vice-President of Ford at the time Lee Iacocca felt that in order to grab a larger share of the market Ford must remain competitive and a decision on putting money before human lives. The Ford Motor clearly exercised

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Habits and Traits of Backswimmers

The name tells you just about everything you need to know about members of the family Notonectidae. Backswimmers do just that; they swim upside down, on their backs. The scientific name Notonectidae originates from the Greek words notos, meaning back, and nektos, meaning swimming. Description of Backswimmers A backswimmer is built like an upside-down boat. The backswimmers dorsal side is convex and V-shaped, like the keel of a boat. These aquatic insects use their long back legs as oars to propel themselves across the water. The rowing legs lack claws but are fringed with long hairs. The backswimmers coloration is the opposite of most insects, presumably because they live their lives upside down. A backswimmer typically has a dark belly and a light-colored back. This makes them less conspicuous to predators as they backstroke around the pond. The backswimmers head is typical of an aquatic true bug. It has two large eyes, positioned close together, but no ocelli. A cylindrical beak (or rostrum) folds neatly under the head. The short antennae, with just 3 to 4 segments, are almost hidden below the eyes. Like other Hemiptera, backswimmers have piercing, sucking mouthparts. Adult backswimmers bear functional wings and will fly, though doing so requires them to first exit the water and right themselves. They grasp prey and cling to aquatic vegetation using their first and second pairs of legs. At maturity, most backswimmers measure less than  ½ inch in length. Classification Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: InsectaOrder: HemipteraFamily: Notonectidae Backswimmer Diet Backswimmers prey on other aquatic insects, including fellow backswimmers, as well as on tadpoles or small fish. They hunt by either diving down to catch submerged prey or by releasing their hold on vegetation and simply drifting up under prey above them. Backswimmers feed by piercing their prey and then sucking the fluids from their immobilized bodies. Life Cycle As all true bugs do, backswimmers undergo incomplete or simple metamorphosis. Mated females deposit eggs in or on aquatic vegetation, or on the surface of rocks, usually in spring or summer. Hatching may occur in just a few days, or after several months, depending on the species and on environmental variables. Nymphs look similar to adults, though they lack fully developed wings. Most species overwinter as adults. Special Adaptations and Behaviors Backswimmers can and will bite people if handled carelessly, so use caution when skimming specimens from a pond or lake. Theyve also been known to bite unsuspecting swimmers, a habit for which theyve earned the nickname water wasps. Those whove felt the wrath of the backswimmer will tell you their bite feels quite like a bee sting. Backswimmers can stay underwater for hours at a time, by virtue of a portable SCUBA tank they carry with them. On the underside of the abdomen, the backswimmer has two channels covered by inward-facing hairs. These spaces allow the backswimmer to store air bubbles, from which it draws oxygen while submerged. When oxygen stores become low, it must breach the surface of the water to replenish the supply. Males of some species possess stridulatory organs, which they use to sing courtship overtures to receptive females. Range and Distribution Backswimmers inhabit ponds, freshwater pools, lake edges, and slow-moving streams. About 400 species are known throughout the world, but only 34 species inhabit North America. Sources: Borror and DeLongs Introduction to the Study of Insects, 7th edition, by Charles A. Triplehorn and Norman F. Johnson.Family Notonectidae - Backswimmers, BugGuide.Net. Accessed February 25, 2013.Aquatic and Semiaquatic Heteroptera of Michigan - True Bugs - Identification, a website by Ethan Bright, University of Michigan. Accessed February 8, 2016.Water Boatmen and Backswimmers, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Accessed February 25, 2013.Notonectidae - Backswimmers, by Dr. John Meyer, North Carolina State University. Accessed February 25, 2013.A Dictionary of Entomology, by Gordon Gordh, David H. Headrick.

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An Argument Against Involuntary Hospitalization - 1414 Words

What is a mental illness? Mental illnesses are disturbed thoughts, feelings, and moods that affect people’s daily functioning. Being hospitalized for having a mental illness is categorized as voluntary or involuntary where voluntary hospitalization is agreeing to be admitted to the hospital for treatment; while involuntary hospitalization is against a person’s will when he or she is harmful to him or her-self or others (NAMI). The issue with involuntary hospitalization is that is it permissible to admit someone to the hospital against his or her will. For instance, in a suicide case, those who agree to involuntary hospitalization would argue that it is a â€Å"way to uphold the right to self-determination† and an action to prevent other†¦show more content†¦In order for an action to be right in act utilitarianism, one must maximize the pleasures and pain as well as happiness of self and others. While in rule utilitarianism, an act is right if and only if it conforms to a set of rules and everyone would maximize the overall utility. In the case of a patient who is mentally ill, rule utilitarianism best describe why hospitalizing the patient against his or her will should be allowed. Before admitting the patient, he or she must meet a set of criteria that the state created. For California, some criteria include refusal of receiving treatment when advised by the doctor, ideations of harming self or others and being mentally incompetent (Involuntary). Through observations from personal clinical experiences, many patients who were admitted fitted these criteria as some are harm risk, while others were mentally incompetent. In addition, everyone would maximize the overall utility as it allows mentally ill patients to get the treatment they need to live as well as prevent harm to themselves and others as this creates maximum utility for everyone. If calculated, there would be more pleasures of feeling better and safe than pain of possible restrains or taking medications. For instance, for a suicidal patient, he or she

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Cooperative Productive Workplace Relations â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Cooperative Productive Workplace Relations? Answer: Introduction: The present case is based on unwanted reduction of pay scale by the employer and attracts the provision of Employee Contract Act (Kavanagh and McRae 2017). It has been stated in the case that the board of director of the aviation company of Australia has made a decision to reduce the pay scale of the Pilots and the staff of the aviation company by 25%. It has also been stated that the workers Union of the company has decided to take an action against the board of directors and against the redundancies that the pilot and other stuff of the company has to face. It is a fact that the company AussieAir has taken the step of reducing the salary with a view to reduce its expenditure. It has been stated by the company that the costing of the company for the present year has been increased a lot and with a view to make a balance regarding the costing of the company and its expenditure, the company has decided to reduce the pay scale of the employees and therefore they have to take the decisi on (Stewart 2013). Provision regarding reduction of salary: The workers Union of the company wanted to sue the company and they can do it as provided by various provisions of the law. The reasons behind the actions made against the company are as follows: It is a fact that any reduction made from the employees remuneration can be made for certain reasons. If the reasons are not being followed up, the reduction regarding the salary will be held as a breach of contract. It is needed that both the employer and employees should have to agree the reduction process. It is a fact that the employees shall have to face serious problem if there is a reduction regarding their salary (Bray and Power 2017). A reduction in the salary may cause harmful effect regarding the business management contract. If there is no provision in the contract regarding the reduction of the pay scale, the employer should have to talk to the Employees regarding the reduction in the pay scale and they should also make certain notice to the Employees regarding the reduction. There should not be any reduction without the consent of the employees and if the reduction has been made without the employees consent, the same should be regarded as violation of the contractual e ntitlements (Stewart et al. 2014). There is a provision in the law that if a company is facing financial loss and it is become necessary to reduce the costing of the company, the company can reduce the salary of the employees within the coverage of redundancy. It has been observed that the employees under the redundancy plan announced that it is not possible for them to pay the staff for the employees at the same level anymore. The process of redundancy follows certain rules: It is important to make an agreement with the employees to mitigate the impact of the redundancy process and make sure that the employees want to reduce the pay scale or the shifting time to overcome the problems (Earnshaw, Marchington and Goodman 2013). Every employee has a right to ask for the reasons from the employers regarding the reduction in the pay scale. It is the upmost duty of the employer to state the reasons behind the reduction and they should have to give the employees fair ground to understand the terms and conditions of the reduction process and to settle down the matter amicably. It is no doubt to state that if the employer asks an employee regarding the reduction of his salary, it may cause a change regarding the contract of employment. According to the law of contract, the changes in the employment contract should have to agree by both the parties that are the employer and the employees (Fossum 2014). The employees regarding the change of the employment contract can give written details and it must be reviewed by mentioning in that written details. It is a fact that the employees contract should not necessarily be written in nature. However, the conditions regarding the contract should be clear. Legal provision: In the present case, the reduction of pay scale should maintain the national minimum wage standard that is mentioned under the Fair Work Act 2009. It is the duty of the employee to maintain discipline regarding the rules and law that are stated under the Australian Act. An employer has to maintain the minimum wage rate while they are taking the decision regarding the reduction in pay. However, it is a fact that an employer cannot reduce the payment of the employees without taking or obtaining consent from them (Mohamed 2014). Certain provisions have been provided under the Corporation Act 2001 regarding the duties of the directors. It is clear from the case that the directors of the AussieAir had failed to perform their duties as per the norms mentioned under the Fair work Act and Employment Contract Act. Therefore, they will be held liable for non-performance of the duties and failed to show due diligence and care to the employees. It is mentioned under section 180 of the Corporation Act 2001 that if any director had failed to perform his duties properly, they have to face civil obligation. It has also been mentioned under the Corporation Act 2001 that the directors is needed to discharge their duties in good faith. In this case, the directors of the aviation company had failed to perform their duties in good faith by reducing the salary of the pilots and therefore, provision of section 181 of CA 2001 will attract here (Lawrence 2016). In the present case, it is observed that the aviation company has prepared for a commercial service regarding the passengers and they wanted to reduce the costumes of the aviation company and decided to reduce the payment of the employees by 25%. It has not been mentioned on that the case that the aviation company or the board of directors of the company has sent any notice to the Employees and it has been mentioned in that case that provision regarding the same has been imposed on the employees (Georgalis et al. 2015). It is a fact under the law that an employer can reduce that pay scale of the employees without obtaining consent from them or without sending them a notice regarding the reduction of the salary only if the employee is an employee at will or there has been a provision regarding the lowering of pay scale mentioned under the employment contract. However, in this case there has not been any Mansion regarding these two Essential elements of redundancy. Therefore it can be stated that the union can bring an action against the aviation company for the violation of the employment contract. It has also not been mentioned that whether are the Employees Association of the company can bring an action regarding the payment reduction or whether there is any provision under the employment contract regarding the reduction of payment available or not (Shields and Brown 2015). Rights of the employee: If there is a violation, regarding the employment contract has been followed on if the employer has reduced the salary of the employees without obtaining any concerns from them or giving them any notice the employees have the rights to claim certain things from the employer regarding the breach of contract. The protection data given to the employees in the workplace are as follows: It is stated under the Fair Work Act that the employees are protected by certain rights that are mentioned under the act and if there is any violation regarding the same has been observed the employees have all the rights to claim damage from the employer regarding the same. If any adverse action has been taken against the employee the fair work act will protect the interest of the employee by mentioning certain rules. It has been stated under the act that an employer cannot fire an employee or shall not offer any answer terms and conditions to the Employees and if there is any violation happens regarding the same the employees can exercise there what place right against employer (McLachlan 2013). It has been stated under the law that no employee shall be forced against their will and the employees are restricted to do so under the employee Contract Act. The employees of any company are also prohibited to make any pressure upon the employee so that the employee will agree with the employer regarding the reduction of payment. In Australia there is a Commission named Fair Work Commission to deal with the problems regarding the interest of the employees. Therefore, it can be observed that the certain rules made out by the law regarding the redundancy. It has been stated on that the love that redundancy situation may arise when the company has to face a serious financial loss. In such a situation the employees have the option to reduce the salary of the employees by obtaining consent from them regarding the same. However in the present case it has been observed that the board of members are not actually facing in financial problems as there was an increase happened regarding their salary and therefore the questions of redundancy has not been proved. In this case it has been observed that the reduction regarding the salary of the employees as well as the pirates are not justified and against the employment contract and the workers Union have every right to bring an action against the company before the fair work permission. The employees can make complaint to the workplace relations Commission that attracts the Provision of Industrial Relations Act. If the employees are not given the consent regarding the reduction of the payment and the employer have decided to make the employee redundant the employee have every right to claim and action regarding the unfair dismissal against the employers. In case of any serious breach regarding employment contract the party is specially the affected parties may bring an action against the company in any Civil Court. It has been observed in Petkoski v Wiredex Pty Ltd AIRC (2006) that an employee can continue work in the company even after sue the employer of the company under the provision of the Workplace Relations Act 1996. It has also been mentioned that if the employer makes any employee as redundant, he must show reasonable cause and in case he has failed to do the same, the law will bar him to reduce the salary of the respective employee. Reduction of the payment may have certain rules and that should be followed up. According to Richard Lynch, a negotiating officer that there should be a time mentioned regarding the reduction of salary. It means that the employer should have to mention the time limit on how long the employee will get the reduced payment. The employer has certain rights regarding the redundancy system. The employer may send the respective employees a notice for put him on short time. In this process, the amount of work is reduced and the salary will follow the same generally. However, the Fair Work Act has given certain rights to the employees as well. If the employee does not want to work on short time, he can entitle to be redundant. It has been observed under the present case that the Board of Directors of AussieAir had made a decision regarding the reduction of payment of the pilots and the staff without serving a notice. The directors of the aviation company had also decided to make some of its staff redundant without obtaining their consent. Advice: Therefore, from the above statement it is clear that the board of directors of the AussieAir had failed to maintain the relevant provisions of law and had not performed their duties as per the provision of Corporation Act 2001. Therefore, it is advised to the Workers Union of the AussieAir that they can sue the company for non-maintenance of the duties mentioned here above and ask for necessary damages as required through the case. Reference: Bray, A. and Power, C., 2017. The fair work commission's' new approach'. Precedent (Sydney, NSW), (141), p.27. Earnshaw, J., Marchington, M. and Goodman, J., 2000. Unfair to whom? Discipline and dismissal in small establishments. Industrial Relations Journal, 31(1), pp.62-73. Fossum, J.A., 2014. Labor relations. Mcgraw Hill Higher accounting. Georgalis, J., Samaratunge, R., Kimberley, N. and Lu, Y., 2015. Change process characteristics and resistance to organisational change: The role of employee perceptions of justice. Australian journal of management, 40(1), pp.89-113. Kavanagh, M. and McRae, E., 2017. Employment law: Protecting vulnerable workers amendment to fair work act. Governance Directions, 69(4), p.241. Lawrence, R.J., 2016. Professional social work in Australia. ANU Press. Marshall, J.F., Tsuji, Y., Matsuda, H., Davies, P.J., Iryu, Y., Honda, N. and Satoh, Y., 1998. Quaternary and Tertiary subtropical carbonate platform development on the continental margin of southern Queensland, Australia. Reefs and carbonate platforms in the Pacific and Indian oceans, pp.163-195. McLachlan, R., 2013. Deep and Persistent Disadvantage in Australia-Productivity Commission Staff Working Paper. Mohamed, A.A.A., 2014. Dismissal from management and the Remedies. LexisNexis. Shields, J. and Brown, M., 2015. 3 15 Employee share ownership. Managing Employee Performance Reward: Concepts, Practices, Strategies, p.320. Stewart, A., 2013. Stewart's guide to employment law (Vol. 3). Sydney: Federation Press. Stewart, A.J., Bray, M., Macneil, J. and Oxenbridge, S., 2014. 'Promoting cooperative and productive workplace relations': exploring the Fair Work Commission's new role.

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The History of Skin Art Essay Example

The History of Skin Art Paper Tattoos or skin art as it is commonly called, seems to be the latest fashion trend today. Everywhere you look someone else is getting inked, be it could be the college student, the young mom next door, or the executive in his business suit. The history, selection, safety , and care along with some removal methods are not always obvious nor is a non-permanent alternative. All these things and more will be revealed in a few short moments. The history of skin arts beginnings are some what unclear. Some people like tattoo artist Erik Reime think that it goes back to biblical times, in fact it could be conceived that GOD created the first tattoo when he put the mark upon Cain (3). For others it originated n Egypt or as V. Wageman reviews in Victoria Lautmans book The New Tattoo the first tattoo may have come about when some stone age klutz fell down near a hearth[and] found charcoal embedded in his flesh(8). We will write a custom essay sample on The History of Skin Art specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The History of Skin Art specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The History of Skin Art specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Through out history we can see that tattoos have served a variety of purposes. They have been the distinguishing mark of a slave or a ruler, they were and still are used in prisons and more recently have become a means of personal expression. In the eighteenth century Capt. James Cook brought back to England some tattooed South Sea islanders. Cooks seamen were among the first westerners to have full body tattoos. From there tattoos progressed to the US where slaves were branded with their owners name or some other distinguishing mark. In a web page written and maintained by Robert Birkins we can see how skin art was also used in the prison camps of the former soviet union where a complex language was developed using tattoos as symbols. Such languages have been studied by specialists in hopes of cutting crime rates in the USSR. Some examples of prison tattoos are: Insert From there we progress to modern day, where skin art has become an avenue of self expression. In our generation the tattoo is seen more as who you are than as a political statement or brand. Tattoos today are about experiences, feelings, and a permanent sense of self-worth and pride. The selection of your skin art is as important as the selection of the artist that applies it and of the care that will later be needed to keep it beautiful. One should always be sure that the design is something that you have a love or passion for, whether you decide on flash (ready made artwork that is usually found on the salon walls or in their portfolios) or have an original design, the art you have applied will be with you always and like it or not the artwork you pick will determine the way some people view you. The traditional way to have a tattoo is of course with needles and ink. There is nothing like the pure and natural adrenaline rush that occurs when you sit in the tattoo artists chair and listen while the high pitched hum of some 1,800 pricks per minute machine makes its mark upon your body. One of the most commonly asked questions is does it hurt? This question has been answered by tattoo artist and salon owner Eric Reine, when he replied yes of course it hurts; however please remember that there are several deciding factors on exactly how much pain youll be in. Among these factors are, where the artwork is located, how big the design is, and how high your tolerance for pain is. All of these are determining factors of how bad the pain will be. Large pieces on your back will hurt a lot more than Insert a quarter size tattoo on your arm. Generally speaking any piece done on the ankle Insert , wrist or fingers will hurt more than one done on a fleshy part of the body simply because of the lack of padding, but please dont let this be the deciding factor in where should I put my tattoo if your ankle is where you want your dolphins or band, then grit your teeth and go for it otherwise you will never be happy with your choice, and removal is both costly and painful. The choices for your skin art are limited only by your imagination, available skin, and your wallet, so think long and hard before jumping in. Recently another method of skin art has made its way the Atlantic and is becoming popular. It is Mehndi:, the ancient art of henna tattooing. In her article Body of Art Maya Brown reports that according to Rabi R. Dabit, founder of the first henna salon in the US. Mehndi is believed to have originated in Egypt more than 7,000 years ago. In fact in a recent article answers published in Essence magazine the writer explains the process is more detail. They report that the tattoo like designs are achieved by painting the skin with a henna paste. Traditionally the designs are placed on the hands, wrists, arms. It is also popular on brides to be, and on other religious and/or special ceremonies(38). One of the primary reasons Mehndi is becoming more popular in the US is because the designs will last one to six weeks depending on the location , size, and the type of henna used, for example the designs put on the arms or stomachs will last longer than the ones on the hands simply because hands are washed more often. The cost depends on the area in which you live, and the different salon owners. If you choose to go the traditional route and get a needle and ink tattoo in addition to design and location, you have to find an artist and shop. There are shops opening up almost everywhere it seems and while most are careful about using disposable needles, sterilizing equipment, and handling the ink properly not all are, so be informed ask a lot of questions before sitting in the chair. A reputable artist will always use disposable latex gloves, normally he will not stop a design once he has started, unless it is a large design or unless you ask him to. In her article So you are thinking about getting a tattoo or body piercing Barbara Freyenberger a RN and MSN student also suggest t visit several shops and artist, check out the lighting, if they are clean, do they require consent forms to be filled out, etc. Most important is do you feel comfortable? If not walk out and try somewhere else, usually your first reaction to a place is the best judgment you can have. One of the reasons for doing your homework when checking out a tattoo artist and/or shop is so important is because there is little or no government regulation or requirements. In fact with the exception of a business license, most states or cities do not require an artist to even have a license. Recently however there have been several bills passed in the senate that will change this. One such bill was passed back in 1996 when the Michigan State Senate voted 37-1 that customers under the age of 18 have a parent or guardian along to sign a consent form before getting a tattoo. If they didnt comply then salon owners would face a stiff fine and possible jail time for violations(Detroit News). Other states have passed bills like Dingells Law, under this bill salon owners would be fined a maximum of $1,000.00 and parents could sue for damages if parental consent was not issued(Tattoo1) More recently Assemblywoman Marion Crecco has introduced two new bills to legislature aimed at regulating the tattoo business. Both are long overdue and for the most part reputable salon owners agree with and welcome the change. The first bill will force the salon owners to obtain a license, the second will require the shop personnel to check Ids and if the client is under 18 he/she will need written parental consent.(Needleman 1). Many shop owners such as Butch Coner agree with the work that the legislation is doing. He believes you cant be too educated in this field that includes the safest, most sterile equipment and procedures in addition to checking identification and having parental consent. What would the results be if the licensing legislation is enacted? Sara Needleman reports that a five member Tattooing and Body Piercing Advisory Committee would be established in the Division of consumer affairs in the department of Public Law and Safety. The committee would be under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Medical Examiners. Applicant for licenses would have to be 18 years of age, of good moral character, and have obtained a high school diploma, Plus, each applicant would have to complete a tattoo or body-piercing education program and pass an examination administered or approved by the board of medical examiners. The licensing bill has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, while the bill requiring underage children to have parental consent has passed the Consumer Affairs and Regulated Committee and is awaiting a vote in full assembly. Congress, parents, and shop owners want the proposed regulations not just to control underage tattooing but also because tattooing can cause serious health risks if proper precautions are not taken. Some problems include infections, hepatitis and more recently a burning sensation during an MRI. Pam Moore reports in a recent healthbeat show entitled MRIs Tattoos that very rarely patients complain of a burning sensation the area of the tattoo. DR Jermon Barkas who heads the California Pacific Medical Centers MRI imaging center explains that the problem is caused by the metal that is contained is some red tattoo dyes, so that Theoretically there is a risk that the metal in the tattoo could heat up in the MRI machine. However he further explains that it is very rare for a patient to have a problem like this and there is no reason to avoid having an MRI if it is needed. Okay, you have picked out the tattoo design, figured out an artist and shop to make your dream come trueNow how do you care for it? Most shops will give you an oral directions and a card something like the one here. Insert But if not , an internet source Tattoo Revolution suggests: Of all these directions Do not pick scabs is the most important because when you pick the scab off it results in scarring, loss of color and it increases the risk of infection. Another FAQ is What if I change my mind, and I dont like my tattoo? For this problem there are only three solutions. The first is the easiest and cheapest: Swallow hard and live with it. The second solution is a cover-up. This will require a talented artist, a little pain, and some imagination, and a fair amount of expense. This method works best for small pieces and is best left between the artist and yourself. Finally there is tattoo removal. This is without a doubt the most expensive way to have a tattoo removed. One internet source finds that since there are several methods to remove a tattoo today, you physician will choose one depending on several factors, such as the size of the tattoo, location, and the amount of time you had your artwork. It continues with the following explanations and graphics. The most popular way of removing a small tattoo is by Excision, this procedure involves numbing the area and surgically removing the tattoo, the edges are stitched back together and off you go with minimal bleeding and discomfort. Insert Dermabrasion is another method. This requires the physician to spray the tattoo with a solution that will freeze the area. Then the physician causes the skin to peel by rubbing it with a sandpaper-like material. A dressing is then applied. Insert Perhaps the oldest method available is Salabrasion. This century old procedure is similar to dermabrasion in that the sandpaper-like material is used however in this method after the area is numbed a salt water solution is applied before the sanding occurs. With new technological breakthroughs happening almost daily, Lasers have quickly become the newest and easiest form of tattoo removable available. Insert Three such techniques have been introduced recently, while not cheap they will erase that tattoo and with minimal scarring. Selective Phototherolysis is recommended for small easy to remove tattoos. This method uses lasers to destroy only the inked skin cells so it has little scarring. This process has been further improved with the introduction of High Lesion according to the director of The Laser and Skin Surgery of New York, New York Citys Roy Geronemus, MD in an article written by Linda Benson for Dermatology Times. The Vetrapulse CO2 laser is designed to remove the super thin layers of skin (again with little scarring) this method may need to be combined with selective lasers to remove all of the inked cells. Another laser used for tattoo removal is the Pohotoderm PL Laser while this method will get all the pigment out at once the results are not as consistent according to dermatologist Steven B. Snyder, MD (Geracil). A tattoo is a very personal thing. One that for most requires a lot of thought and planning. This combined with the proper artist, care, and legislation will make you vision come true. If not there is always the alternative of removal so, Tattoo or Not to Tattoo the decision is yours.

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Family Conflict And Triangulation Analysis Social Work Essay Essay Example

Family Conflict And Triangulation Analysis Social Work Essay Essay Example Family Conflict And Triangulation Analysis Social Work Essay Paper Family Conflict And Triangulation Analysis Social Work Essay Paper The intent of this article is to exemplify the importance of boundary puting during parental struggle. Often kids are incorporated both voluntarily and involuntarily in dyadic confrontations that involve the parents. This research shows the long term and short term effects on both the parent and kid psychologically and physiologically. Boundary scene is of import for the growing, development and current care of a household. Involving kids in statements is non merely damaging to the parents marital relationship, but besides damaging to the parent-child relationship. This paper illustrates cause and consequence effects of triangulation. Family Conflict and Triangulation Familial struggle is inevitable. A battalion of quantitative and qualitative information has been accumulated in order to better familial relationships. Numerous surveies and concentrate groups spotlighted striplings and their parents to happen more informations on triangulation and its negative effects on households. Harmonizing to Franck and Buehler ( 2007 ) , a triangulation survey was conducted on 506 teens and their female parents. The survey focused on struggle belongingss, cognitive assessments of menace and incrimination, emotional insecurity, and triangulation to find the possibility of a direct relationship between adolescent behaviour jobs, matrimonial hurt, and maternal depression ( Franck and Buehler 2007 ) . After thorough research, it was found that matrimonial ill will and hurt were associated with adolescent behavioural jobs and familial stressors ( Franck A ; Buehler 2007 ) . This paper will concentrate on parental and child triangulation and its consequence on bot h the stripling and the grownup. : Triangulation can be defined in a battalion of ways. Some may utilize the term mathematically, while others use it psychologically. Fosco and Grych ( 2008 ) loosely described the psychological term for triangulation as the engagement of a 3rd individual in a dyadic struggle. Triangulation is non possible with two people ; it has to affect at least three people triangulate the conversation and guarantee one or more of the parties agrees with his or her sentiment. Buehler and Welsh ( 2009 ) stated that triangulation occurs when two people in a household conveying a 3rd party to fade out emphasis, anxiousness or tenseness that exists between them. Often feuding parents might affect their kids in the struggle to gang up on the other parent. A more in-depth definition that better depict the mark group focused on in this paper illustrates a household and child triangulation as kids s direct engagement in parental dissensions and their subjective sense of experiencing caught in the cent er ( Fosco and Grych, 2008 ) . Due to ignorance, some parents may be incognizant that they are involved in triangulation. Some statements a kid might state if he or she is involved in a triangulation state of affairs are My parents make me experience caught in the center when they argue my ma ever asks if I notice how my pa starts the battles ma and pa ever inquire me inquiries when they are in the center of an statement after an statement with ma, pa ever comes to me and explains his point of position I hate it when ma and pa involve and inquire me inquiries when they are reasoning . Parents should be more aware of by chance or intentionally affecting kids in matrimonial differences because it can be damaging to the kid. Attempts to better understand the impact of interparental dissensions on kids have identified a figure of factors that may evade to the fact that exposure to continual hostile and ill resolved struggle can do accommodation jobs. ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . Behavior issues may go more frequent when boundaries are non set between parental statements and kids. Harmonizing to Fosco and Grych ( 2008 ) , assessments reflect kids s sentiments on parental struggle. Parental struggle can be damaging to the kid s wellbeing or the operation of the household unit ; hence, the kid may keep himself or herself responsible and believe that the dissension was caused by his or her behavior. Parents who involve kids in matrimonial confrontations fail to recognize how damaging engagement can be to their kid. Specifically, assessments of menace and self-blame, emotional responsiveness and hurt, and triangulation into parental disagreements each have been made known to play a cardinal function in the relat ionship affecting parental strife and kid maladjustment, thereby doing the kid feel responsible for stoping or deciding the struggle. ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . The effects of parental triangulation on the kid can do long term harm. Harmonizing to Buehler and Welsh ( 2009 ) Parental struggle and tenseness are proposed to bring on emotional rousing in kids, triping emotional and physiological responses. Involving kids in statements can be both mentally and physically wash uping for the kid. Families that show forms of triangulation have emotional, and physiological, responses that tend to hold trouble distinguishing when non to turn off than in households with better boundary care ( Buehler and Welsh 2009 ) . Often parents will include the kid in statements coercing the kid to take a side. Franck and Buehler focused on triangulation that occurs when parents bring a kid into an statement by utilizing the kid as a courier or buffer between the parents ; as a confidante or counsellor about issues with the other parent, the kid is forced to ally against the other parent during matrimonial differences. By leting kids to acquire involved in dom estic differences, non merely is the kid negatively affected, but the engagement is besides damaging to the matrimony. Triangulation amplifies adolescences hazard for riotous behaviour because this procedure impedes with legion prospective schemes that have been found to screen young persons from the possible harmful effects of matrimonial ill will ( Franck and Buehler 2007 ) . Research shows that repeated exposure to parental struggle can impact a kid s experience, look and control of emotion ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . Children subjected to changeless triangulation can see major emotional trials as good. It was found through trauma theories that repeating exposure to affectively upseting events undermines a kid s ability to modulate his or her emotions ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . When a kid is unable to modulate his or her emotions it becomes hard for them to keep control. With this information, it can be concluded that a kid from an argumentative household may expose a greater sensitiveness to his or her parent s struggles ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . Children who are exposed to disruptive relationships and changeless triangulation by parents are non as exhaustively researched as other subjects that have been researched that involve household struggle. Beuhler and Welsh ( 2009 ) stated Triangulation into parents differences has received much less empirical attending than has verbal and physical interparental aggression ; nevertheless, some grounds exists that triangulation topographic points youth at hazard for accommodation jobs, peculiarly internalising jobs such as anxiousness, depressive symptoms, and societal backdown ( 2009 ) . Triangulation does non merely happen during an statement between parents with a child nowadays. It besides occurs long term when a kid is made a confidante. Franck and Buehler ( 2007 ) found that when parents get upset they have a inclination to convey kids into the statement by doing them couriers between the parents. Triangulation can be caused by a figure of different grounds. Martial struggle and depression have been named to be some of the chief grounds triangulation occurs. Parents involved in domestic differences have a inclination to desire a informant to formalize their statement. Counselors, friends, household members, and kids have been known to acquire pulled in to the difference. Scholars found informations turn outing that parents that involve people in their domestic differences may be depressed ( Frank and Beuhler 2007 ) . Parents feel validated when loved 1s and friends side with them in the domestic difference. Frank and Beuhler ( 2007 ) , searched even deeper and found that a female parent s depression is more closely related to internalising riotous behaviours in kids than male parents. Frank and Beuhler ( 2007 ) felt that a male parent s depression is more closely related to hapless cognitive operation in his kids than internalising job behaviours. Surveies show that triangulation affects both the parent and the kid s relationships in a negative manner. One of the mechanisms by which matrimonial struggle becomes a hazard factor is the triangulation of the kid or stripling into parental differences such that young person experience caught in the center and lacerate between divided truenesss ( Buehler and Welsh 2009 ) . During an statement, parents feel that their point is more validated if the kid agrees with them. Unfortunately, the long term affects of adolescent avowal during parental affraies are damaging to the matrimonial relationship. Although their engagement in a parental dissension may be effectual in debaring attending from jobs in the matrimony, it may escalate the impact of parental struggle on kids s operation by doing them the mark of parental choler or interrupting their relationship with one or both parents ( Fosco and Grych 2008 ) . Studies show that it is pertinent that the kids be left out of parental st ruggle. It is clear that triangulation of striplings besides is harmful to striplings in married households. Therefore, clinicians and others who work with households need to help parents with maintaining matrimonial jobs within the soldierly couple. Adolescent kids need to be left out or blocked from parents matrimonial issues ; Parents need to better their ability to get by with and manage the anxiousness associated with soldierly struggle in ways that do non affect their kids ( Buehler and Welsh 2009 ) . In add-on to interrupting matrimonial stableness, triangulation can do long term issues in the growing and development of the household. Fosco and Grych ( 2008 ) stated that when kids perceive struggle as a menace to themselves or the household, they tend to worry about the stableness of the household relationship. Runing a household requires order, with no stableness, there is no foundation ; and with no foundation it tends to be less order. Parents should take by illustration when learning kids. Often kids mimic their parents and learn from observations. Parents who often resort to triangulation as a agency of pull offing their differences may be less prone to instruction or patterning adaptative struggle declaration to their kids ( Fosco And Grych 2008 ) . Avoiding the engagement of kids can be really hard for some parents. Not merely does triangulation temporarily diffuse matrimonial statements, but it can besides touch to the exoneration or proof of a parents actions. Fosco and Grych ( 2008 ) found information turn outing that triangulation could determine the impact of parental strife in kids. When the kid feels caught in the center and observes that the attending of the statement is deflected from the parents and reverted to them, they may do a wont of affecting themselves and matrimonial differences. If riotous behaviour is effectual at deflecting attending from matrimonial jobs, kids may develop more stable forms of moving out in nerve-racking fortunes. Triangulation can happen both consciously and subconsciously. Unfortunately, if in the familial scene boundaries are non in topographic point, damaging reverberations can happen. Triangulation can happen in many different signifiers. Whether it includes the parent and kid, grandparent and grandchild or siblings and parent, an unconstructive result is about inevitable. The demand to desire to be right and get support is human nature and apprehensible. However, when you engage kids in disruptive relationships and set them in the center of affraies, serious reverberations may happen for the kid and grownup. Rather than affecting relations and friends in struggle, it is of import that households seek out reding to procure the growing and stableness of the household construction. Therapists can use a figure of different techniques and or attacks to assist households partaking in triangulation. Due to the difference of upbringing, societal, cultural, and economic degrees, it is best that the counsellor incorporate an integrative attack to households who are involved in a triangulation struggle. An integrative attack incorporates all of all the attacks. It allows the healer to use the best adjustment attack for the client to obtain optimum consequences. Conflict is inevitable and felt to be manifest, but if familial struggle involves triangulation it is certain to stop unconstructively.

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GLOBAL CHANGE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

GLOBAL CHANGE - Essay Example He insists that there is no global warming. In his article, he says that there are no known facts about there being a link between concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide with imminent catastrophic global warming only predictions are there. According to him, the whole global warming phenomenon is more of a political issue than a scientific one (Bellamy, 2007). In spite of all the skepticism about the global warming and climate change, there are still those who believe that it exists. One of these people is the writer of an article â€Å"Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense† by John Rennie. He gives seven claims that are contrary to the claims and global warming contradictions provided by the skeptics one of whom is Senator Inhofe. He provides evidence from scientific places like the US Geological Surveys which indicate that human activity is the leading reason for global warming (Rennie, 2009). The evidence is enough to indicate the presence of global warming and hence I support that there is global warming and humans should change their ways. Rennie, J. (November 2009). â€Å"Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense.† Scientific American. Retrieved from: